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Microphone Ribbon

ART AR5 Active Ribbon Microphone w/ Shock Mount AR-5 Figure 8 Mic NEW 2DAY SHIP


CAD Audio D82 Side Address Ribbon Microphone


NOS Audio Panther Active Ribbon Microphone


Sterling Audio ST170 Active Ribbon Microphone 10/B5014F


Apex 210B Large Element Classic Ribbon Microphone FREE 2DAY


MXL R144 Classic Ribbon Rich Midrange High SPL Recording Stereo Microphone New


Nice Vintage mint CM-41 Ribbon microphone w/cable Sounds Superb 2 micron XLR end


Oktava ML-52-02 XLR Studio ribbon Microphone


Samson VR88 Velocity Ribbon Microphone Mic


MXL R80 Ribbon Microphone


MXL Mics R-150 Ribbon Microphone, Figure 8 / Pre-Owned ** Good Condition **


Apex 210B Large Element Ribbon Microphone


MXL 860 Ribbon Studio Side Adress Ribbon Microphone W/ Shock Mount


Oktava ML-51 cardioid ribbon microphone modded with Cinemag transformer


Microphone Lot, Ribbon, Condencer, Dynamic PLS READ


AEA R84 Figure Eight Large Ribbon Geometry Velocity Microphone


Sterling Audio ST170 Active Ribbon Microphone


Golden Age Project R1 MKII Ribbon Microphone


MXL R40 Ribbon Microphone


Russian ribbon Oktava ML 19 microphone made in USSR in 1987


Edcor RMX1 Ribbon Transformer Microphone 1:37 ~ Lundahl Alternative!


Handcrafted russian ribbon microphone with amorphous transformer


Lundahl LL2912 Ribbon Transformer Microphone Transformer 2912


1.8u microns 99.1% Aluminum Foil Ribbon Microphone Replacement Upgrade Mod


2.5u microns 99.1% Aluminum Foil Ribbon Microphone Replacement Upgrade Mod


Ribbon Microphone Foil 4u Micron Replacement Foil. Repair modification.


Microphone ribbon foil corrugator


Alctron R77 Active Ribbon Microphone (NEW)


CAD Live D82 Figure-8 Ribbon Cabinet/Percussion Microphone CADLive D-82


Superlux R102 Ribbon Microphone + Cradle + XLR Lead


MXL R144 HE Heritage Edition Ribbon Microphone


Golden Age Project R2 Mk2 Ribbon Microphone


LOW COST Ribbon Microphone Transformer mic audio element repair replacement part


Cinemag CM-9887 Ribbon Transformer Microphone Transformer 1:35


Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon Microphone


New Avantone CR14 Dual Ribbon Microphone with Shock Mount and Metal Road Case


New Golden Age Project R-1 ACTIVE MKIII Active Ribbon Microphone w/FET Buffer


Redemption Bespoke Custom Ribbon Microphone, Cast Zinc Body! Handmade in England


SE Electronics X1 Series Ribbon Microphone and Clip